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Renewable Energy & Sustainable Development

  Today, more than ever, entrepreneurs and investors are recognizing the opportunity to develop sustainable solutions to address the challenges of an expanding global community. As growing economies around the world demand electrical power to fuel their growth, many also find themselves challenged by the lack of adequate clean drinking water and the means to dispose of waste. In many cases, these issues have reached crisis proportions and are now central to the social and economic agendas of policy makers.

  At the same time, an increasing awareness that infrastructure development, especially energy generation systems, can be both carbon neutral and commercially viable is fueling interest in “green” alternatives to the ecologically irresponsible practices of past generations. Wind-based energy systems, driven entirely by a renewable resource, often represent the best value in alternative energy generation today – competitive with coal fired generation. The challenge of waste management is omnipresent; today, toxic landfills can be replaced by waste-to-energy processing facilities that offer zero environmental impact and operate at a profit. Water purification and/or desalination facilities can be designed as complementary components of these power generation strategies. Wind, Water, and Waste (Wł).
  In partnership with our subsidiary company CDI Energia S.A., as well our sister companies Liberty Circle Investments and Liberty Circle Energy, Centripetal Dynamics is advancing an agenda that embraces sustainable, socially relevant, and economically viable solutions such as these. The result of combining these talents is a business model that benefits from decades of best business practices in finance, marketing, engineering and product development tailored to the implementation of alternative energy projects and other renewable energy initiatives that deliver a highly profitable return on investment based on international energy marketplace requirements.

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