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The following applications represent sales opportunities that can be targeted subsequent to completion of the prototype phase. The current prototype is an air driven turbine demonstrator, and will be used to measure operation, efficiency and various rotor configurations. Modification of the basic concept to a specific application suggested below will require additional design and development effort tailored to the application.


Clean Energy Harnessed

Centripetal Product

Oil & Gas Field Energy Recovery Generators*

Dual-phase geo-pressured gas & hot water TurboFlux™ configured as wet gas model Rotary Choke Generator

Natural Gas Pipeline Energy Recovery Generators

Interstate-to-City Gate gas pressure reduction chokes TurboFlux™ configured as dry gas model Rotary Choke Generator

Industral Waste Heat Recovery Generators

Factory & power plants smokestack exhaust heat Thermal Energy Converter (TEC) using TurboFlux™

Geothermal Energy Recovery

Geo-pressured steam and hot water resources Thermal Energy Converter (TEC) and Hydro Powered Energy Well (HPEW)

LNG Power Co-Generation

Thermo-Electric conversion of temperature difference Thermo-Electric LNG Vaporizer

Hybrid Vehicle Waste Heat Power Cycle**

Tailpipe exhaust heat hybrid conversion engine Turboflux™ Engine with TEC

Distributed Energy Co-Gen (1/2-to-1-MW power for large buildings & supermarkets)

Gas combustion, combined heat cooling and power Conventional reciprocating, TurboFlux™ Engine Generators with AARP or LiBr absorption cooling systems

*Oil & Gas Field Energy Recovery Turbine – Unlike other engine technologies, the TurboFlux ™ PGS is able to simultaneously process liquids and gases to generate power. Thus, these turbines, configured as a “Rotary Choke” could uniquely Co-Generate clean power for the oil and gas industries, harnessing the vast amounts of kinetic gas pressure energy flowing inside natural gas pipelines at thousands of interstate-to-city-gate connections; or the high pressure gas and water flowing out of thousands of geothermal wells, natural gas wells and high water cut oil wells all around the world to Co-Generate electricity they can use onsite or sell into the grid.

**Hybrid Vehicle Waste Heat Recovery Turbine – By configuring the Company's TurboFlux ™ technology to recover harness and utilize vehicular waste heat from a vehicle's tailpipe, exhaust temperatures of >500 degrees F can fuel a closed loop low-boiling point power system to economically increase gas mileage of any internal combustion engine and cost-effectively compete against current hybrid engine systems.  

The Company intends to form a joint venture with a Hydrogen Fuel Cell company or automotive OEM to apply the Company's proprietary vehicle waste heat recovery to fuel cell vehicles since the byproduct of a fuel cell is not only water – but also heat. 200° F of waste heat is emitted from the PEM type fuel cell and over 1500°F of waste heat is emitted from solid-oxide fuel cells. The Company's engine technologies have great potential in both near term and long-term use as a Hybrid Engine Component that can be used by any vehicle manufacturer to cost-effectively increase fuel efficiency and driving range, while reducing pollution emissions.

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