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The Company has filed patent applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office relating to all the various technologies. There are no assurances as to whether any one or more of the below listed patents will issue or the degree of protection the patents will afford the Company's business. However, the Company believes that the inventions are sufficiently novel and unique so as to qualify for patent protection. The Company intends to seek out and form R&D joint ventures with leading companies in their fields to assist in the commercialization of products based upon the following patents:

Patent: USSN: 6,973,792 Improved method of and apparatus for a multi-stage boundary layer engine and process cell (Issued 2005)

Patent: USSN: 60/509,771 Wind turbine flow-thru hub and blade root connection (2003)

Patent: USSN: 60/509,770 Rotating airfoil wind turbine tower (2003)

Patent: USSN: 60/509,768 Variable camber wind turbine blade for lift and drag control (2003 )

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