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MESA, AZ, August 2002—(BUSINESS WIRE)—BeezerBug, Inc. Announces Strategic Alliance with Centripetal Dynamics, Inc. for Wireless Monitoring of Multi-Fuel TurboFlux™ Power Generation System …

BeezerBug, Inc™, a start-up venture offering advanced Wireless Ultrasonic Sensors reported today a Strategic Alliance agreement with Centripetal Dynamics, Inc. to support the development of CD's revolutionary new TurboFlux™ Power Generation System. The alliance includes joint technology and product roadmaps to support the multi-fuel engine and power generation system being developed by Centripetal Dynamics in a number of markets such as geothermal, distributed power generation, solar/hydrogen and bio-fuel exploration. The TurboFlux™ Power Generation System (PGS) utilizes advanced fluid-dynamics in a unique design which challenges the current engine technologies (i.e. Gas-Turbines, Sterling Engines, Micro-turbines, Steam-Turbines and Reciprocating Engines) in terms of efficiencies, reliability and cost, while allowing the use of multiple fuel sources ranging from bio-fuels, geothermal, and next generation hydrogen systems.

Engine metrics such as stress, strain, pressures, velocities will be monitored real-time with BeezerBug's sensor technology allowing rapid feedback for the CD engineering team. This data will be combined with CD's direct Finite Element Analysis and Computation Fluid Dynamics to refine the advanced CAD/CAE design cycle and allow enable a shorter prototype sequence.

Bob Forcier, President and CEO stated, “We are very pleased to share our our enabling sensor technology to support the exciting and important product development at Centripetal Dynamics. By sharing our technology and product roadmaps, we have the opportunity to cut the development time and improve the product performance of the completed TurboFlux™ Power Generation System. We have a shared vision of leveraging advanced technology for a safer and more energy-efficient world. We are also very pleased that this alliance is supporting the technology business development in Arizona ”

Ken Hicks, President and CEO of Centripetal Dynamics also stated, “We are very excited about our alliance with the BeezerBug Corporation. By using BeezerBug's state of the art sensor monitoring devices, the CD engineering staff has an unparallel way to test, evaluate and enhance the TurboFlux™ PGS's performance and operating characteristics. This type of technology will provide Centripetal Dynamics an advantage over the competition, by providing a proven and tested technology to the power generation market in a much shorter time. This alliance also allows the development of a superior safety and performance monitoring system, which will position the TurboFlux™ PGS at the forefront of this technology.

BeezerBug, Inc. is a start-up in Mesa , Arizona focused on unique patent-pending Ultrasonic Sensors and Protocols that have distinct advantages over RF solutions in a number of applications such as Power Generation, Aerospace Sensors, Medical Diagnostics, Law Enforcement, Child Safety, proximity intelligence and asset protection. BeezerBug, Inc. has both a product and a technology roadmap for further applications of the technology. BeezerBug's web site is: For information contact BeezerBug, Inc. @ 1-602-722-4054

Centripetal Dynamics, Inc. is a Mesa , Arizona based start-up established to develop and market commercial/military applications for an innovative engine technology- the TurboFlux™ Power Generation System. Numerous market applications have been identified for this new technology includes power generation, renewable energy systems, medical applications, transportation systems, pumps, compressors and waste recovery in the U.S. and Global marketplaces. Centripetal Dynamics, Inc. website is: For information contact Centripetal Dynamics, Inc. @ 1-602-617-9259.

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