MESA, Arizona, August 14, 2003 —Centripetal Dynamics secures a partnership with Australian Wind Developer, Cy-Tawn Party Limited

Centripetal Dynamics Inc, reported today of securing a strategic agreement with Cy-Tawn Limited an Australian Wind Development to support the marketing and implementation of the power generation systems being developed by Centripetal Dynamics.

The ALC Series of Wind Generator Systems will be focused on projects in Australia and New Zealand. CY-Tawn was actively looking for alternative low cost wind solutions and is very confident that the Centripetal Technology once completed will be the answer to their need.

As CY-Tawn President Barry Leigh stated: “The low cost, 2-blade turbine and its technological advantages are very attractive to our project needs and to our customers/associates that have this vast wind resource. The other possibility of Centripetal establishing manufacturing relationships within Australia for certain components on the wind turbines will be very attractive to the organizations we are working with as well.

Cy-Tawn is in the process of securing purchase power agreements for four separate wind parks that will total approximately 900MW at full capacity. As Mr. Leigh stated: We are very interested in using the Centripetal wind turbines for these projects, up to the full rated capacity of power, once the units are completed and proven. The wind farms time frame for first installation is approximately 36 months out, which coincides well with you’re the scheduled production dates.

As CDI President Ken Hicks States: We look forward to the completion of your wind turbines and the immense opportunities that are available for us in the Australian region. We are excited about having the CY-Tawn Group support ing and promoting our technology throughout the region.

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