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MESA , Arizona , October 19, 2003 —Centripetal Dynamics allies with leading carbon fiber corporation for process & manufacturing development

Centripetal Dynamics announced today that is has secured a strategic alliance with the Hitco Composites Corporation to support the development of advanced carbon fiber manufacturing processes related to the companies proprietary wind turbine blade technology which will provide advanced composite design and fabrication of blade components.

Hitco is one of the countries most advanced users of composites for aircraft, as well as military applications. They also have a long time relationship with CLL and Boeing, in regard to automated composite processes and development programs for military aircraft and aerospace endeavors. ( )

Centripetal and Hitco will focus on low cost methods to develop the advanced wind turbine blades components. One of the focal point components will be advanced winglets extensions, which will provide an added advantage to the technology. Centripetal has proprietary knowledge in regard to advanced winglet performance systems. The CD turbine will be the only wind turbine in the world that will utilize this process, just as most commercial jetliners have as well.

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