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MESA, Arizona, November 3, 2003 —Centripetal Dynamics to contract leading Wind Turbine Consulting firm, Global Energy Concepts LLC.

Centripetal Dynamics announced today that is has secured a relationship with Global Energy Concepts. GEC will support and provide design analysis the company’s proprietary wind turbine technology. The development support will be focused on the advanced drivetrain, rotating airfoil tower, control; systems as well as installation.

GEC is one of the premier wind consulting companies in the country and will provide analysis support and well as specifications for manufacturing processes. Our relationship with GEC is very strong and goes back to the AWT development project. Many of GEC’s staff are prior associates of the existing Centripetal staff and are very familiar with the Centripetal down-wind concept. Global Energy Concepts is a n engineering and technology consulting firm providing services to energy industry clients.

As one of the most respected wind energy consultancies in the world , the firm specializes in the analysis, design, testing, and management of wind energy systems and projects, including both utility- and small-scale applications. GEC combines technical expertise, managerial capabilities, and common-sense financial and business knowledge to provide comprehensive consulting services to assist our clients in meeting their objectives. Many of GEC’s staff are prior associates of the existing CENTRIPETAL staff and are very familiar with the CENTRIPETAL down-wind concept. (

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