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MESA , Arizona , November 8, 2003 —Centripetal Dynamics secures relationship with leading Drivetrain firm, Winergy LLC.

Centripetal Dynamics announced today that is has secured a relationship with Winergy LLC. GEC will support and provide design, development, analysis of the company’s proprietary wind turbine drivetrain technology. The development support will be focused on the advanced drivetrain and control systems as well as manufacturing processes.

Winergy is one of the world leaders in wind turbine drivetrain and variable speed design. CD principals have a prior relationship with Winergy parent company Flender AG while developing the AWT turbines. Winergy is capable of producing the proto drive-trains and discussions will continue with regard to volume manufacturing. ( )

As CDI President Ken Hicks states: “We are very pleased to be working with Winergy again and we know that their development capabilities in the wind turbine market are second to none. Winergy will be a tremendous resource for us, in regard to developing the new permanent magnet drivetrain system.

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