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MESA , Arizona , December 11, 2003 —Centripetal Dynamics secures relationship with leading Automated Composite Process manufacturer.

Centripetal Dynamics announced today that is has secured a cost-share partner with Cincinatti Lamb-Landis, which would like to help manufacture the wind turbine Smart Blade using an automated composite process. CLL’s resources in automated composite fabrication are superior and their experience perfectly tailored for wind turbine blades. CLL will provide fabrication support and analysis to support the blade fabrication process. CLL will also be working with Centripetal & Boeing on the blade development process and the specification required to make a low cost composite blade (

As V.P. of Global Research and Development, Richard Curless states: "We are pleased to supply manufacturing solutions for Centripetal’s new turbine development program”. CCL will support Centripetal Dynamics and their team, specifically the Boeing Company, with the development of high volume automated fiber placement for the fabrication of wind turbine blades, especially in the area of high speed, medium accuracy unidirectional fibers and off-axis fibers. By teaming with Centripetal Dynamics and Boeing, we see a significant opportunity to enter a growing market

CCL has on-going efforts to develop new technology that will enable their equipment to offer superior quality, cost, and production rates to traditional methods currently employed by the wind energy industry.

Cincinnati will provide research and development (RAD) engineering services in addition to providing simulation and technical support for the team.

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