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Mesa, AZ, September 1, 2004 —CDI secures a partnership with Liberty Circle Investments.

Centripetal Dynamics Inc, reported today of securing a strategic agreement with Liberty Circle Investments ( a Panamanian investment corporation to further promote and support the marketing and implementation of the company’s alternative energy systems in the Latin America Market. The LCI corporation is focusing on industrial and energy projects in Mexico, Panama, Guatemala, Belize, Argentina and Brazil. Liberty Circle was actively looking for alternative low cost alternative energy solutions for remote third world countries and has agreed to further support the development funding process that is required to bring the CDI products to market. Liberty Circle Investments is in the process of securing partnerships and purchase power agreements for a variety of wind parks, GT plants and coal power plants that will total approximately 700MW at full capacity. As CDI President Ken Hicks States: We look forward to the relationship with Liberty Circle and the vast opportunities that await our technology in the South and Central America regions. We are very excited about having the Liberty Circle Investment group supporting and promoting our technology throughout the entire region.

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