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Mesa, AZ, November 14, 2005 - Centripetal Dynamics secures technology relationship with Sweden's Ranotor Corporation

Ken Hicks, Centripetal President and CEO, announced today that the company has agreed to a technology partnership with the Ranotor Corporation ( in Sweden to develop of a variety of small scale waste heat recovery systems. These energy systems will be based on each companies individual supporting technologies that when combined should produce the most cost effective small scale waste heat recovery systems on the market today. CDI's main market focus will be the Latin America marketplace followed by U.S.A, Canada, China, Europe, Africa and Australia.

The main focus of the technology development program is to produce waste heat recovery systems for applications that harvest oil and produce petroleum bi-products. Preliminary studies and analysis show that certain waste heat recovery systems have a high probability of lowering the costs associated with harvesting oil as well as producing the vast quantity of petroleum bi-products.

As a secondary market the developing technologies will also we engineering to harvest the waste heat from solar, biofuels, refinery processes, engine exhaust, methane flaring as well as large scale power generation exhaust streams. The costs associated with developing these technologies in comparison with the ROI associated with each product, exemplify the reasoning behind pursuing this product development path. Since oil is finite element, it is of the utmost importance to provide technologies that can reduce the costs associated with harvesting this natural resource.

The Next Generation energy systems that will be developed between the corporations will focus on the use of hydrogen, solar/hybrid and alternative fuels. Since CDI is also developing as advanced wind turbine product and is in discussions with a variety of countries to use wind energy to produce hydrogen in remote locations, it is extremely important to develop an efficient and cost effective hydrogen based energy system that can be implemented into a hybrid wind/hydrogen system for these vast applications.

As Mr. Hicks states, "This is a tremendous opportunity for both parties to pull together and develop the next generation of waste heat recovery systems as well as hydrogen based energy systems. There is a great synergy between CDI's "Boundary Layer Engine/Process Cell" and Ranotor's "Small Scale Steam Engine" technology, such that we feel if we combine our past experiences and analysis that we can develop hybrid systems that would thrive in the small scale waste heat recovery marketplace. The small scale waste heat recovery market is in its infancy and we expect to be at the forefront of the market with our developing technologies."

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