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Mesa, AZ, February 1, 2006 - Argentina Patagonia I Project Wind Energy

Ken Hicks, Centripetal President and CEO, announced today that the corporation has submitted a proposal in response to the solicitation from the Argentine government entity of ENARSA for the Patagonia I Wind project. The proposal is based on a JV relationship, which would develop the company's proprietary wind energy technology for use in the Patagonia I wind parks that have the ability to exceed 3000MW once fully developed.

Centripetal would work with local suppliers and government agencies to develop the manufacturing infrastructure and installation processes that would be required to develop the wind turbines locally. As Mr. Hicks states "We are looking forward to establishing a strong presence in the South America region, while at the same time providing a much needed resource to the region. We are very enthusiastic about the projects and look forward to working with Argentine political officials, while at the same time having the ability to employee hundreds if not thousands of local Argentineans.

CDI will also construct multiple manufacturing facilities throughout Argentina to support certain component manufacturing for the wind turbines. If approved, the number of turbines required for this project alone could keep the local CDI manufacturing facilities busy for 7-10 years. CDI expects to develop other multiple wind energy sites throughout Argentina with the goal of installing over 3000MW within the next 10-12 years, thus enabling the local manufacturing facilities to expand, while at the same time promoting and training local personnel on the use of alternative energy.

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