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MESA , Arizona , January 19, 2007 —Centripetal Dynamics allies with leading engineering firm for product development support.

Centripetal Dynamics announced today that is has secured a strategic alliance with Parametric Solutions Inc. of Jupiter, Florida to support the development of the ALC Wind Turbine as well as the TurboFlux engine technology for waste heat applications.

Parametric Solutions' ( has a staff of over 40 engineers, modelers, drafters and checkers with an average of more than 17 years of industry experience. Their large staff of highly experienced, multi-disciplined professionals will allow them to meet CDI’s individual projects needs. The majority of their staff has experience in the design of aerospace gas turbine engines, one of the most technically demanding industries and will be supporting the development of the ALC wind turbine.

Since its' founding in 1993, Parametric Solutions has diversified and expanded from its gas turbine engine design roots into numerous industries including, Aerospace, Consumer Products, Medical Equipment, Transportation, Juvenile Products and Recreational Equipment. PSI is one of the countries most advanced commercial engineering product development group. They also have a long time relationship with many large aerospace companies, in regard to engineering analysis and development programs for military and commercial applications as well as aerospace endeavors.

Centripetal and Parametric Solutions will focus on advanced engineering analysis enhancements pertaining to the development of the ALC Wind Turbine blades, system components as well as drivetrain structural analysis. One of the focal point components will be the advanced rotor, which will provide an added advantage to the technology. Centripetal has proprietary knowledge in regard to advanced rotor performance systems. The CDI ALC turbine will be the only wind turbine in the world that will utilize this proces

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