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MESA , Arizona , December 18, 2007 —Centripetal Dynamics secures an agreement with WUCC in Utah to develop a 1500MW wind farm on the WUCC property. ( WUCC controls 100,000+ acres of property of which CDI will develop and install its Advanced Lift Control (ALC) wind turbine systems. The project site will be developed over a 5 year period and will require the installation of as many as 1000 CDI 1.5MW turbines. The estimated turbine sales value of the project is in excess of $2.0 billion and will create a substantial backlog for the corporation. While the majority of the power generated from by the CDI turbines will be directed to the main grid, a portion will support WUCC’s mining acitivities, thus lowering irs operating costs as well as providing “Green Credits” to WUCC. As Mr. Hicks states, “This is a very exciting project for CDI and will provide the company with its first large scale U.S. installation. It will also provide CDI with a multi billion dollar backlog of turbines with deliveries scheduled from 2011 to 2015.

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