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MESA , Arizona , April 8, 2008 —Centripetal Dynamics is working with Parker Hannifin ( one of the world’s leading hydraulic system sales and engineering firms to cooperatively develop a fluid-drive system for CDI’s 1.5MW turbine. The development of a fluid-drive system for a MW class wind turbine system will be the first of its kind and will eliminate the risk of a gearbox failure. As Mr. Hicks states, “We are extremely excited about our work with Parker to develop a commercial, megawatt-class, fluid-drive system for use in our wind turbines. Gearbox failures - an industry-wide problem associated with MW class gearboxes - have cost manufactures hundreds of millions of dollars in repair and refurbishment costs. Our innovative fluid-drive system development will set us apart from our competitors, placing CDI at the forefront of the industry by delivering the most reliable wind turbine power generation systems.”

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