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MESA , Arizona . October 20, 2008 — Centripetal Dynamics announced today that is has secured a sales contract with Liberty Circle Energy for the purchase of 400 CDI 1.5MW wind turbines. The first turbines will begin installation in mid 2011 and the projected installation will be completed by 2013. CDI will also operate the wind parks on behalf of Liberty Circle Energy.

As CDI President Ken Hicks states: “We are extremely pleased to have secured the company’s first large turbine order. This will enable CDI to focus it’s efforts on a very high profile project, in the country being developed, that not only will provide CDI with a substantial backlog, but the wind park will also be utilized by CDI as a testing ground to further advance the CDI turbine technologies. This is a very rare opportunity whereas CDI will not only supply the turbines for the project, but our corporation will also have the ability to fully operate the wind park on behalf of LCE, thus allowing our engineering staff to fully monitor and control the implementation on four hundred of our turbines. This will provide CDI with a very strategic advantage to further advance the technology to even a higher standard, thus setting CDI even further apart from the current market technologies."

Liberty Circle Energy is also involved in other global negotiations that when completed would require CDI to deliver well over 1000 turbines over a five year time frame to honor future wind park developments. CDI will also play a supporting role in the majority of operations of those wind park developments as well.

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