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wind turbine

The Company is developing a proprietary two-blade, variable camber rotor with “ALC” (Active Lift Control), Down Wind Turbine technology that improves upon a very successful and proven wind technology previously developed and supported by the U.S. Department of Energy and NREL (National Renewable Energy Lab), of which major contributors to that wind program are now working for the Company.

The Company has developed new Intellectual Property in the areas of active lift blade design, reduced drag rotating airfoil tower, flow through-hub-rotor construction and permanent magnet drivetrain. With the use of advanced composites, proven smart blade technology from existing rotorcraft designs and proven manufacturing processes, we expect to bring the first (Intelligent Wind Turbine) to the Industrial Marketplace.


Wind turbine close-up

The Company has considerable intellectual property and trade secrets involving next generation advanced blade technology for “Down Wind Turbines” incorporating an innovative “ALC Intelligent Blade”, which offers improved efficiency as compared to the standard upwind turbines. This combined with Centripetal’s proprietary low drag rotating airfoil tower, light weight rotor construction and robust drivetrain system will prove to reduce the COE of energy to 3cents/kW at Class 4 wind sites, while developing one of the most advanced, cost effective and reliable wind turbine systems for the global marketplace.wind turbine

The Company believes that the technologies advantages will make a major leap in reducing the COE in the wind energy industry and exposing the Class 4 wind site as viable opportunities. Our new innovative variable camber blade design, low drag airfoil tower and blade attachment will reduce parts, time to assembly and will provide easy inspection. This technology lends itself to a being a very reliable, robust and low cost design. Centripetal has filed provisional patents related to the new technology.

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